Hitchhiking Philanthropist Club

abbr. HPC


Turn the hitchhiking among people into a collaborative, beneficial hitchhiking among enterprise or entrepreneur


World Hitchhiking Day is guided by the spirit of public welfare hitchhiking, established eleven years ago to develop philanthropy and advocate the culture of benefit business, with the annual public welfare hitchhiking celebration – World Hitchhiking Day as the main activity, advocating the concept of green travel, promoting trust between people, connecting people from all countries, and popularizing the spirit of public welfare hitchhiking around the world.

In view of this, World Hitchhiking Day organizing committee members and teams around the world to set up [Hitchhiking CLUB], and Hitchhiking Philanthropist Club. Share the flow of public welfare hitchhikers and share the dividends of China’s development. As a practical platform to promote the building of a community of human destiny, and a functional platform to integrate into the Belt and Road, so that the people of the world can share peace, beauty and happiness.

Purpose and significance

1. To develop public welfare and promote the association of beneficial business.

2. Help elite entrepreneurs upgrade to philanthropists.

3. To enhance soft power and endorse trust for enterprises; to synchronize new technologies and increase new channels for products.


1. To legal and compliant enterprises with good operation, social responsibility and certain brand awareness. Become a strategic partner after being authorized by the World Hitchhiking Day Organizing Committee. In line with the demand for cooperation in the field of designated supplies, the production of designated supplies exclusive to the World Hitchhiking Day.

2. 2021 designated supplies of the main areas of cooperation are: gifts, gifts; radio stations; outdoor supplies; non-foreign heritage, old agricultural and sideline products; environmental technology innovation products; health care products; wine, water, tea and other daily necessities; automotive supplies: safety equipment, car interior supplies, car exterior supplies.

3. After being selected as the designated supplies, the organizing committee invites a professional team to carry out overall business upgrade planning and enter the online and offline channels of the World Hitchhiking Day platform. For the recipients, donors, car enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, social organizations.


1. Government support, eleven years of the World Sooner Day, the output of China’s cultural confidence brand.

2. policy support, “Internet + public welfare”, according to the law to do good, promote social justice.

3. 16 years of public welfare downwind traffic, sharing the dividends of China’s development. Create the lowest cost, complementary and mutual benefit business cooperation model.

World Hitchhiking Day Organizing Committee September 2021