Free Mini Programs Making upgraded again

Provide information platform construction for public welfare organizations holding the 10th World Hitchhiking Day

As we all know, World Hitchhiker’s Day launched the Teach the Fish initiative, which is a free small program for grassroots public welfare organizations. In the past three years since it was held, hundreds of public welfare organizations have used their own information platform. With the three upgrades of the platform, the fishing operation has also made certain adjustments at the same time.

This time, along with the global popularity and holding of the 10th World Hitchhiking Day, especially under the epidemic, organizers in cities around the world have overcome many difficulties to advocate public welfare hitchhiking activities. In view of this, the 10th World Hitchhiking Day Organizing Committee in order to thank and motivate the co-host cities around the world to hold this event. The hard work of the organizers is rewarded with substantial rewards, which can be said to be a further upgrade of the fish granting action.

The specific requirements are

1. Participation in the event to reach more than 50 cars. Subject to sending qualified photos to the designated email ( in accordance with the rules of Guinness World Records for hitchhiking.

2. Mainstream newspapers and TV stations above the municipal level report at the same time.

3. Participate in the activities of all vehicles group photo, the number of not less than 50 people, with the “10th World Hitchhiking Day” banner as the background.

4. In the WeChat Official Account [World Hitchhiking Day] information “the tenth World Hitchhiking Day (December 24) to invite your initiation” after the message [team name + car name + I am the initiator of the World Hitchhiking Day], the number of messages is not less than 50.

For those who achieve a certain activity effect, according to the above conditions, the organizer will be this year’s World Hitchhiking Day related activity information material, packaged into a document, reply to the organizing committee’s volunteer service center can. The organizing committee will reward the organizer with [volunteer chain alliance] the same [association official microblogging + sharing live e-commerce] system platform set, plus award [downwind hero] gift set set, for the organization leaders to celebrate the toast

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