The "Help For Accident Drivers" public welfare project is online!

To give each car user a care when an accident occurs.

This is the vision that the World Hitchhiking Day Public Welfare Fund expects to achieve with the public welfare project [Care for Accidental Car Owners] released on the Tencent Public Welfare Platform. The initiator of the project said: Over the past ten years, I have personally seen some car owners whose whole family was in trouble due to car accidents, so please extend your generous hands and help others as you help yourself. This is the reason and the original intention of this project.

In China, 52% of car owners are high-risk, low-protection people. After an accident, some of them lose their livelihoods and families, some are in debt and unable to repay, and some spend their lives on their deathbeds. A driving accident can easily put a normal family in a difficult situation. Helping every car enthusiast whose family is in trouble due to an accident becomes another motivation for us to fight on the road of public welfare.

As he only bought the traffic insurance and a small amount of triple liability insurance. Together with the invisible restrictions handled by the insurance company, the result was that the insurance payout together was simply not enough to cure the illness, and the family’s small amount of savings bottomed out in a few days, together with his parents in the countryside, the family was borrowing from all over the world to cure him, and even rushing to sell the only mortgage house, the family fell into extreme panic, feeling that the end of the world was coming.

At the time of crisis, the staff of the fund was informed and firstly, they declared a relief fund for him immediately to meet his urgent needs. Now, although he is recovering, he has started to participate in charity activities again. He always says, “Caring for others is caring for yourself.”


There are many car enthusiasts like Ren Zhengfu, whose family was in a difficult situation because of an accident, and who have regained their confidence in life because they were cared for by the community.

The first phase of the Caring for Accident Victims Project has a budget of 1 million yuan for direct assistance, mainly including hospitalization and compensation for the victims, and those who have actively participated in the donation will be given priority. The project plans to fund 20 people each year, the standard of each person about 50,000 yuan, if special circumstances are not enough, the fund will launch a special donation campaign for them again.


World Hitchhiking Day Charity Fund to advocate public welfare hitchhiking activities to the world, and set up special funds in major charitable organizations. It aims to organize members of the hitchhiking philanthropist club to actively initiate various public welfare activities, from 2011 to date held ten World Hitchhiking Day public welfare activities, and organized the fishery action, the tree plan, left-behind children study camp; hitchhiking rescue team and other public welfare project activities. Last year, we provided timely help to 3 riders who had an accident that caused their families to fall into difficulties.

World Hitchhiking Day has been firmly on the road of helping car users for 10 years, and has been trying to explore professional and rational solutions to save the emergency and rescue, hoping to help more once unfortunate car owners to get their lives back on track.

As one car enthusiast said: we all may have such accidents in life, help others and accumulate blessings for ourselves.


Pay attention to Tencent Public Welfare and search for “care for accident car users” to participate in the activities.