Family Chain: Creating a digital asset of your family name culture family

Practice common prosperity, build a famous family.

“Family chain” system–Chinese family name culture digital platform solutions

All Chinese surnames have the same root and origin; digital family chain, passed on from generation to generation!

      There are more than 5600 Chinese surnames in existence

      The search for ancestors and the inheritance of civilization are revered by the Chinese people in the world. Many elites and entrepreneurs take pride in forming their own family name culture clan exchange platform. Joint efforts to create a “surname cultural ties + clan economic alliance” is the general consensus and desire.

      However, the surname clan will really be able to benign operation of few, most of the existence of “a bottle of wine, a meal, after the meeting, on the dissolution” of the problem. The reason for this is that most of these groups do not have an online platform, and the few that do have a platform are mainly in the form of a website, showing the roots of the family name and genealogy. The content of the platform is incomplete and not convenient for dissemination.



Solution: [Family Chain] – Create digital assets of your surname culture family

[Surname culture official micro + sharing live supply chain system], adapt to the needs of the times, the perfect collection of this family’s political and business resources and open up, so that everyone can fully and conveniently participate, so that the family energy is given full play. Docking government, linking enterprises. Establish the family’s political and business system and supply chain system platform.


Landing: Chinese family name culture digital committee, promote and popularize [family name culture official micro + sharing live supply chain system]. Create the digital platform of this family for the entrepreneurs of each family name in each region.



1, brand credibility: Chinese family name culture digitalization committee, the Yellow Emperor’s hometown hundred family names square, participate in the launch of the eleventh world downwind day, on behalf of Henan Province public welfare business card submitted to the national two sessions.

2、Membership big data: world hitchhiking day system platform registered more than 14 million loving car club members.

3, the concept of leading: convenient surname culture official micro membership system, cutting-edge sharing live e-commerce supply chain system.


Highlights: [surname culture official micro + sharing live supply chain system

1、Homepage official micro function: complete presentation of family culture, genealogy, activity registration, member joining, member display, political and business resources and graph, text and video information.

2、Inner page mall function: presenting the products of each family business in categories and real-time transactions.

3、The system memory capacity is large, can open 50 live broadcasts at the same time, all live broadcasts can be played back later.

4, platform sharing – independent not isolated: independent of each other A platform and B platform, can be each other’s products on the shelves with one click.

5、Through traffic – cross-border not robbery: A platform independent of each other can push information to B platform’s member customers.

6、Independent product set – integration not integration: each do a good job of their own brand, not move the name, not move the right, not move the profit. The stock is not reduced, the incremental redistribution.


Refer to the same system, WeChat search: [Liu’s entrepreneurs UnionHub], [World Hitchhiking Day]