Previous Themes

The first World Hitchhiking Day (2011/12/24) Theme: Hitchhiking, City Trust.

The second World Hitchhiking Day (2012/12/24) Theme: Hitchhiking in the world, passing on love.

The third World Hitchhiking Day (2013/12/24) Theme: “Hitchhiking all the way, happy journey.

The fourth World Hitchhiking Day (2014/12/24) Theme: Green Hitchhiking, Love without Haze.

The fifth World Hitchhiking Day (2015/12/24) Theme: We are on the road for you!

The sixth World Hitchhiking Day (2016/12/24) Theme: Public welfare hitchhiking, love inheritance.

The seventh World Hitchhiking Day (2017/12/24) Theme: Everyone hitchhiking, sky blue unlimited

The eighth World Hitchhiking Day (2018/12/24) Theme: Rebuilding mutual trust and moving forward with the wind

The ninth World Hitchhiking Day (2019/12/24) Theme: Doing good together

The 10th World Hitchhiking Day (2020/12/24) Theme: Live to the Sun, Go with the Wind

The 11th World Hitchhiking Day (2021/12/24) proposed theme: Chinese confidence, shine the future.

Past Records

2020 The 10th World Shunting Day

The 10th National Downwind Thunderbolt Awards saw 450,000 participants nationwide. Among them, 33 were awarded the National Downwind Thunderbolt Medal of Honor.


2019 The 9th World Downwinders Day

At the National People’s Congress in Beijing, the People’s Congress of Henan Province assigned NPC Representative Zhi Hui to submit a proposal to the General Assembly on the establishment of December 24 as World Hitchhiking Day as a public welfare business card of Henan Province.


2018 The 8th World Hitchhiking Day

The first public service skit series “Hitchhiker” defined the various elements of hitchhiking. The largest number of riders participated, exceeding 150,000.


2016 The 6th World Hitchhiking Day

The largest number of riders participated in the recording of a small video, shouting “I am the initiator of World Hitchhiking Day!”


2015 The 5th World Hitchhiking Day

The number of organizations participating in the event surpassed 2,000 worldwide.


2014 The 4th World Hitchhiking Day

For the first time, a foreign organization participated in the event.


2013 The 3rd World Hitchhiking Day

From this edition, three figures were used for the hitchhiking event: the number of riders, the number of private cars, and the number of hitchhikers. For the first time, a Guinness World Record for hitchhiking was set.


2011 The first World Hitchhiking Day

Brief description: The event was able to gather more than a thousand cars on the day, from Changhe vans of more than 20,000 yuan to Ferraris of tens of millions of dollars.

The entire inner ring road of Zhengzhou CBD was a circle, and both sides of the Exhibition Road by Ruyi Lake was a large parking lot with spaces and roads filled with vehicles participating in the first World Hitchhiking Day. Everyone was enthusiastic and excited for China to launch such a meaningful and interesting public welfare festival full of positive energy.

The most interesting thing was that the departing cars circled the inner ring road of the business. The lead car had already left the inner ring to reach the outer ring, and there were still many cars in the parking lot that had not yet left.

Many car enthusiasts recalled: this is the first time they saw the most happy and enthusiastic vehicles of the most private spontaneous public welfare activities