Chinese Baijiu "shun Hero"

Starting from the 9th World Shunfeng Day 2019, Henan Hanliang Wang Liquor has entered into a strategic cooperation with the World Shunfeng Day Organizing Committee. Henan Hanliang Wang Liquor supports the public welfare downwind activities and hosts the 10th National Downwind Thunderbolt Awards. 2020. Launched the first World Downwind Bicycle Day designated products one by one Downwind Hero Tasting Wine (1 catty) and Downwind Hero Sealing Wine (5 catty).


After more than a year of drinking, it has received unanimous praise from downwind riders. Attracted many members of the organizing committee to actively join the World Downwinders Day designated supplies this benefit business cooperation project. In 2021, the eleventh World Downwinders’ Day is coming. With the strong support of Henan Hanliang King Liquor, the World Downwinders Day Organizing Committee launched the Downwind Heroes partner system.

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