World Hitchhiking Day

World Hitchhiking Day, for December 24 each year, originated in 2011 and is a public service holiday initiated by the Chinese and participated by the whole world.

December 24, seven days before the end of the calendar year. The night of this day is Christmas Eve in some countries around the world.

Coincidentally, it is the same day as the Chinese folk festival of “Dust Sweeping” (December 24 on the lunar calendar).

On this day, the foreigners who spend Christmas Eve and the Chinese who spend Dust Bowl have a common behavior: they all rush back home to reunite with their families and to welcome the new.

So, the innovative spirit of the downwind riders on this day, as the world downwind day, meaning: ride downwind, all the way home, safe and sound, reunion, but also downwind riders of the year-end public welfare party.

From 2011 to 2021, has been held to this year’s eleventh.

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