I. All members of the General Assembly: referred to as the “National Committee”, is the highest authority of the Organizing Committee.

1, public welfare organizations; members of the full council, divided into “director, chairman” unit.

2, caring enterprises; is a member of the full council, divided into “director, chairman” unit.

3、Eminent persons: members of the full Council, divided into “director, chairman” members.

Second, the whole committee chairman and vice chairman.

Chairman is the highest representative of the World Shunting Day, eight years for a term, elected by the full committee.

The Chairman has the right to nominate: Vice Chairman. Voted by the full committee. The term of office is 4 years.

The President has the right to appoint: Chairman of the Philanthropists Club, Director of the Public Welfare Fund Management Committee, Chairman of the Name Committee, Chairman of the Honor Committee, and Director of the President’s Office. Preside over all the work of World Shunting Day.

The President nominates 6 Executive Vice Chairmen to form a Standing Committee to manage the various functions of World Shunting Day.

The Standing Committee nominates the vice chairmen, approved by half of the full committee. Municipalities above the municipal level may have a vice chairman as a member of the Standing Committee. Also serve as the head of the municipal downwind station.

County-level cities set up a downwind station station chief and serve as a member of the organizing committee, the city council chairman.

Third, the honorary committee of the world downwind day.

1、Honorary Committee Chairman: 7

   Nominated by the Organizing Committee, the Standing Committee adopted by the Chairman issued.

2、Honorary Committee Vice-Chairman: several

Nominated by the organizing committee, the Standing Committee adopted, the vice chairman issued.

V. Shunfeng Philanthropists Club: Chairman and General Manager

Sixth, the Executive Committee: management of the business of the World Downwinders Day.

1. Members of the Executive Committee.

The chairman appoints six members as executive vice chairmen, and each municipal city can produce one vice chairman as a member.

2、Community Fund Management Committee: Director and Deputy Director

(1) Safety Committee

(2) Rescue Committee

(3) Rescue Committee

3、Ethics Committee: Chairman and Vice-Chairman

VII. Administrative bodies

1、President’s office

2、International Cooperation Department

3、Outreach Economy Department

4、Finance Department

5、Administration Department

6、Technical Information Department

7、Media Department

8、Legal Affairs Department

9、Standard Department