Public Welfare Hitchhiking Posts Instructions

Safety Notice

     Road millions, safety first

     World Hitchhiking Day platform, open [Daily Hitchhiking News] column, to provide real-time information of public welfare hitchhiking. But because the platform can not identify the real source of hitchhikers one by one and the real-time information of the owner. So the majority of car users in the hitchhiker, be sure to mutually review each other’s identity documents, driving documents.

      The platform solemnly informs: not to provide any form of guarantee to anyone, all information is for reference only, the platform does not assume any civil and legal responsibility arising therefrom. Users using the platform information is considered to agree to this notice. And remind car users and ride-along riders to pay careful attention to the following matters.

     1. Hitchhiking involves certain risks, including safety risks. The rider gets on the bus and agrees to the above terms, and the rider is responsible for the consequences of the risks involved in hitchhiking.

     2. The platform operates completely free of charge and does not charge any fees for owners and passengers, and any charges for “hitchhiking services” in the name of the platform have nothing to do with the platform.

     3. The platform releases the hitchhiking information, the owner needs to change the model, telephone and other information or temporary change the route, change the time, also belongs to the normal situation. The owner and the hitchhiker communicate in a timely manner.

     4. platform party only as a hitchhiking ride information publisher, provide relevant public welfare information platform, not involved in the specific transport process, not responsible for the authenticity and legality of any vehicle information, not to guarantee any ride safety, not involved in the owners, passengers related disputes between, but if the owners, passengers request the platform for mediation, the platform party can, depending on the situation, certain platform regulation behavior and provide moral support.

     5. This notice is an agreement to be jointly observed by the platform, the owner and the passenger, and any party joining the platform shall be deemed to have agreed to this notice, and any party shall abide by this agreement during the entire hitchhiking ride.

World Hitchhiking Day System Platform   

Car Posts Categories

I. Fixed car news

1. Same city fixed line

2. City fixed car news line

2. Instant traffic information

II. The next 24 hours or less in the same city

2. Outside the next 24 hours in the same city

3. Within the next 24 hours

4. Other than 24 hours in the future

How can hitchhikers ride for free? Where can I find free rides?

Teach you four ways to find free rides:

1. The World Hitchhiking Day Organizing Committee and the WeChat groups of members from all over the world.

2. Select to post your travel information in the local city group you need.

3. Search for the WeChat app “free public welfare hitchhiking news”, recently revised and upgraded, please look forward to it.

4. Boldly stick out your thumb in the street, this is the international gesture of hitchhiking! 

How to publish the hitchhiking posts?

1. Follow the WeChat app “World Hitchhiking Day” and join the WeChat group in your city.

2. Enter the WeChat app “free public welfare hitchhiking news” to post the news.

3. Required content: departure time – “departure city – pick-up location” – “arrival city – drop-off location” – the number of seats – contact person – cell phone number.

4. Optional content: route – car type – note requirements.

Rules and etiquette for hitchhikers

For Hitchhikers:

1. Love other people’s cars: close and open the doors gently; don’t litter inside the car.

2. Respect other people’s cars: smoking in the car is strictly forbidden; unless the owner is very sincere in letting you smoke; do not rummage through the things on the car.

3. Hitchhiking emphasizes smoothness, and must follow the owner’s route. Choose the right time or place to take the initiative to get off, rather than asking the owner to go beyond their own driving route specifically around the corner to send you. Of course, if the owner is sincere to go the extra mile to send you, you can also accept and express your gratitude.

4. Extend a thumbs up to stop the car, be sure to be in a convenient place to park and not violate the law. You can search for the second episode of the “Hitchhiking” short series, “Hitchhiking Gestures”.

The safety of hitchhiking

For more than a decade, World Hitchhiking Day has made many explorations and efforts on safety issues, and the path taken can be described as exhaustive. Because in an absolute sense, there is no way to eradicate safety issues. But to actively make a difference, to do their best to avoid safety accidents, to reduce the hidden risks.

Eventually simplify the problem from three aspects.

The first is the prevention of the first, to strengthen the access to the car registration.

The second is insurance, insurance inside two kinds, first of all, the vehicle’s traffic insurance three liability insurance, etc., in addition to the organizing committee and the People’s Republic of China Property Insurance specially customized hitchhiker insurance.

The third is the World Hitchhiking Day Public Welfare Fund, the Fund for registered hitchhikers, in addition to the above-mentioned protection, the establishment of a special “care for accident victims” public welfare project, the purely humanitarian relief provided for the members of the car club. This is a very practical point.