Dream package for children in need: a dream for orphans

A child in need, with a dream in his heart

Fatty is 9 years old, and the hearing aids he wears all the time have worn out so much that he can’t hear very well. He always dreams that he has a new pair of hearing aids and can listen to his teacher’s lectures clearly. Lele is 7 years old, but has never seen a movie. He often dreams that he is sitting in the cinema with popcorn watching “Superfly”. Xiao Xin is 11 years old, but he can’t ride a bicycle. He often dreams of riding a bicycle in the fields.

In poor areas, there are many, many more children in need like Fatty, Lele and Xiaoxin who have a dream living in their hearts. They long to be noticed, satisfied and cared for, but because of the difficult family and conditions, they never mention it to their families and only get solace from their hearts through one dream after another.

Dream gift package, make dreams come true

Children in need are angels with broken wings, perhaps their living environment is different from ordinary children, but they also deserve to have a small wish of their own. As the initiator of the “Gift Pack for Children in Distress” project on World Hitchhiking Day, we hope that through the Tencent Public Welfare platform, more people will pay attention to these children in distress and help them fulfill their dreams.

The project team of World Hitchhiker’s Day Public Welfare Fund will implement “preliminary research”, “purchase wish materials”, “wish gift package delivery”, “organization Children study” and many other tasks.

On the one hand, the children in need will receive a gift package, such as hearing aids, bicycles, soccer balls, etc.

On the other hand, according to the children’s special interests and growth needs, we provide corresponding study courses, such as visiting museums and experiencing 3D technology.

We hope that under the actual conditions, the children can feel the warmth of the society, increase their knowledge of life and enjoy the fun of growth.

Your good deeds are the source of love

Facing a lovely face, we believe you will not let them be sad; facing a tender heart, we believe you would like to make their childhood full of beautiful memories.

By joining us, you can put a smile on their faces and open up hope for them! Your good deeds will be passed on to more children, let’s help these children together and fulfill a small dream.