Declaration: Public welfare, not one person did a lot, but many people did a little charity, not to see how much money you take out, but to see how many people you wake up.


1. patriotic and law-abiding, courteous and honest, united and friendly, thrifty and self-improvement, dedication.

2. agree with the concept, purpose and operation of World Hitchhiking Day.

3. voluntarily based on morality, faith, conscience, compassion and sense of responsibility to engage in related public welfare work.

4. actively participate in public welfare hitchhiking activities and spread public welfare hitchhiking culture.

5. to protect the reputation and interests of World Hitchhiking Day

Mission: Let people travel easily!

Meaning: Let love pass.

Purpose: To make free public hitchhiking normalized.

Core value: Green travel, promote trust.

Purpose: Develop elites and give back to society.

Idea: unite the loving family, powerful public welfare

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