Hitchhiking originated from the countryside, to give each other a ride. At first, it was a wheelbarrow, an ox cart, a horse cart, a bicycle, and now it generally refers to a car.

In ancient and modern times, the windy car are highlighted a word Shun, meaning along with, the meaning of convenience. It is to follow the route and wishes of the owner.

Shunfeng car, directly translated into English: Free ride; then translated called: hitchhiking. It means free travel.

Hitchhiking in the United States, the English word for hitchhike is: hitchhike, in the spoken language is: for hitchhiking type of travel. This process, our owner is kindly helping and our hitchhiker is enjoying for free.

Nowadays, there are some online rides, in the name of hitchhiking, but they are all charged, they are essentially carpooling. Carpooling is called in English: carpool; it means to use a car in partnership and bear the cost. So, from the Chinese and English explanations, the current online carpool of some Internet platforms certainly can not be called hitchhiking.

All along, the hitchhiking advocated by World Hitchhiking Day is free for the public good.

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